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Thermoplastic Specialist


25+ years of experience in the thermoplastic piping and fittings industry

Our Services

Thermoplastic Inspection

  • On-site and at factory inspections of piping system materials – in line with predetermined customer requirements
  • Weld Qualification in accordance with SANS 10270
  • Thermoplastic Welding Inspection (Certificate available upon request)
  • o Compile Standard Compliance Quality Control Plan for Thermoplastic Welding
    o Independent Thermoplastic Welding Inspection
    o Independent Third Party Testing of Thermoplastic Welding
  • Fabrication Factory and Welding machine audits



PEWeldbank is The Ultimate Solution for Thermoplastic Welding, were weld protocol records are required and the functionality includes:

  • Accurate Real-time Weld Data Collection - record pressure, time, heater plate temperature, ambient temperature and humidity data.
  • Works with any hydraulic butt fusion machine.
  • Records all pipe and fittings batch numbers for complete traceability.
  • Compliance with most welding standards - ASTM F2620, DVS 2207-1 PE, DVS 2207-11 PP, ISO 21307, etc.
  • Log GPS location of every weld, as well as installed location if it differs from the location where the welding was originally undertaken.
  • Before and after weld photos can be uploaded to assist with visual inspection.
  • Record general housekeeping / user defined checklist.


Fault finding, failure evaluations and assessment of installation methods and product usage

Technical assistance and design verification of plastic piping systems (and installation methods) to simplifying design and reduce costs and time

Product Management

  • Stock Management and rationalisation
  • Product Certification process management
  • Training (Product, Sales, Welding, etc.) and inductions
  • Production Planning

Sales and Marketing Management

  • Manage sales people and transferring of skills as well as compile and manage incentive schemes
  • Compiling of Sales Aids (brochures, manuals, presentations, etc.)
  • Representation at trade shows, exhibitions, regulatory institutions and technical committees and presenting to customers, consultants, engineers, mines, authorities, etc.
  • Customer visits and conducting of Market surveys



Contact Us

Feel free to contact me in order for us to discuss your specific needs.

Tel: +27 82 566 0529

Email: info@avesco.co.za

Address: 685 van Eyck Street,
Moreletapark, Pretoria


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